Why a custom computer??

You might be wondering why have a custom computer built when you can just order one from Dell or Best Buy? Well if you're a gamer then its a MUST!! Plus there are several key advantages and I have listed the top five reasons.

Reason 1: You get more value

It is an indisputable fact that an custom PC is able to offer you more bang for the buck, that's better features and technology at much lower prices than would be available with a branded and preconfigured computer. So whether you are looking for reliability, personalization or peace of mind, you can get the same from a custom computer that you can from a preconfigured machine and that too at half the price.

Reason 2: Custom computers fulfill your requirements

No matter what you need to do, be it writing email, creating documents, browsing the web, playing games or carrying out high-end design and rendering, you can tailor your custom built computer to meet your exact requirements and your budget at the same time. If you buy a preconfigured machine, it is very common to find that you are burning your budget, or that you have to settle for one that doesn't not fully your requirements simply because you could not afford a more advanced one. The solution to this problem is a custom computer that you can design and develop from scratch by taking your budget and your particular requirements under consideration.

Through a custom PC you can pick the exact features you are looking for without having to settle for packages that you are not interested in, and without being forced to accept the new enhanced model completely. With a pre-configured machine for example if you want a Blu-ray player, you might get roped into buying other things you don't need such as a video card, more expensive processor into the bargain. But with a custom option you can just pick out the Blu-ray player without having to accept anything else.

Reason 3: Custom PCs Don't Have Additional Preloaded Software

There was a time when you ended up with offers from companies like Netscape, AOL, Prodigy and others that used to be preloaded on to your machine, whether you wanted it or not, Known as "bloatware" this software now can take the form of antivirus products, or diagnostic tools and several other programs that the manufacture believes that you may be interested in, or may eventually want to sell you, regardless of whether you may be interested or not.

Ever wonder how Dell (and others) is able to sell their lower end systems so cheap?? Well I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Dell is able to do this because they make TONS, TONS of money from 3rd party software companies who offer them "free trial" that they preloaded on their machines, and what happens when the 6 month trial is up? The software companies start hounding you with pop-ups to buy their software that you DON'T need.

You will also notice that this "free trial" software has a very annoying habit of slowing down your computer's performance and drastically reduce start-up times. You should also notice that several programs cannot be removed, or if they are removed they will end up causing your remaining software to fail to work properly. Buying a custom computer doesn't have all this bloatware to start with.

Reason 4: Custom computers are built with durability and the ability to upgrade in mind

It is very common to buy a preconfigured machine and find out after a year or so that it has started to run slowly, or that it is no longer able to meet your requirements and when you try to upgrade it and find out you can't.

With custom computers, you have better control over the components that you use to build it, when you go about building a custom computer the correct way it is easy to upgrade hardware as you see necessary without having to buy a whole new computer. You can rest assured that computers that are custom built will give you the best performance for years on end.

Reason 5: You can get a better warranty on custom computers

If you buy a preconfigured machine you will get a one year flat warranty. But when you buy a custom built computer, every part inside that system will have its own warranty. This means that you are spared the trouble of having to send your entire system if you need to claim your warranty. You just have to take out the part that does not work. You often end up with a MUCH longer overall warranty as compared to a preconfigured machine. For example, some higher end gaming video cards come with a LIFETIME warranty as do most RAM modules.

In Conclusion

Think about it: Which would be a better option for you? Would you much rather go for a preconfigured option that may or may not meet your requirements completely, which may all sorts of bloatware preloaded in out, does not last very long and only comes with a 1 year warranty? Or would you prefer a custom computer that you can build keeping your own unique needs in mind, has only the programs you need, is designed keeping durability in mind and has a warranty as long as you want. In the end the decision is yours, but you would be much better with a custom built computer that you can tailor rather than a preconfigured one that someone else decides that you should have.

PC Repair Rates
Virus & Spyware Removal  ............................ $29.99
Hardware Install  ......................................... $39.99
Hardware Repair  ......................................... $69.99
Wireless Networking  .................................... $59.99
Computer Tune-up  ...................................... $39.99
Operating System Install  .............................. $79.99
Custom Built Gaming Rigs
Beast on a Budget:  .................... $575
AMD 8 Core:  .................... $725
i5 Starting at:  .................... $950
i7 Incredible Hulk:  .................... $3,500